The Electoral Commission of the Bar Association approved Trajano Potentini as President-elect

The National Electoral Commission of the Bar Association of the Dominican Republic (CARD) issued a resolution in compliance with a decision of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), which ordered a new count of the votes cast in the elections of December 2, 2023. , considering only “validly approved agreements”.

At a meeting, the National Electoral Commission, with 4 votes in favor of its 5 members, issued resolution CNE-(CARD)-0014-2024, appointing Trajano Vidal Potentini as President-elect for the period 2023–2026. Was approved.

In the new count, duly approved alliances were considered, including Trajano Vidal Potentini, National Consensus, plate no. Involves an agreement between. 1, and Diego Jose Garcia, Legal Dignity.

Vidal Potentini and his allies received a total of 11,473 votes, 48.77% of the total. Nuevos Tiempos’s Johan López came in second place with 10,817 votes, representing 45.96%, without acknowledging his opponent’s victory.

In addition, Pedro Rodríguez Monteiro from National Convergence received 931 votes and Osiris Díaz Ynoia from Card Rescue Movement received 302 votes.

According to National Electoral Commission Chairman Ydelfonso Brito, a total of 78,395 lawyers were eligible for the electoral process, of which 24,109 exercised their right to vote.

Similarly, the new President of the Bar Association held the first ordinary meeting of the new National Council of CARD, consisting of the majority of elected and sworn-in Presidents of the respective sections of the Association, with whom he addressed various topics on administrative matters. and institutional administration of the Bar Association. Union, taking and executing various decisions on the matter.

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