The examination for admission to medicine through EBAU has been changed in 2024

process of enabling Access medical, nursing and other health careers After completing his high school studies in 2024, this Friday he has gone one step further. Official State Gazette (BOE) collects The order that determines the design of university entrance examinations This year’s and completion deadline, which will take place during the first week of June. With this, students who hope to make it in health careers can start preparing for which exam will be decisive in achieving that objective.

Testing in line with the EBAU’s general call Must be completed “before June 14, 2024”, The provisional results of the trials will be published before June 28, 2024. Furthermore, the tests corresponding to the extraordinary call must be completed before July 12, 2024, if the competent academic administration decides to conduct them. extraordinary call in the month of july, In this case, the provisional results of the tests should be published before July 19, 2024.

In the event that extraordinary call in septemberAn assumption that is also being considered by the Ministry for Relations with the Presidency, Justice and the Cortes should be completed before September 13, 2024. In this case, the provisional results should be published before September 19, 2024. Access to university would be preferred Maximum duration of four days. In those autonomous communities with a co-official language, it will preferably last a maximum of five days.

Topics to be examined in EBAU 2024

Students will be examined, on the one hand, in the subjects Spanish Language and Literature II, Foreign Language II, which are mandatory subjects specific to the modality chosen for the test; and, if any, co-official language and literature II. “Also, Should be investigated in the history of Spain or the history of philosophyAt your choice”, points out BOE about this possibility which gives another possibility to the students who want to study Medicine. To improve the chances of access to careers like Medicine, which have very high cut-off marks. And which limits the chances of easily getting a place, those who want to improve their entrance grades will be able to take exams in at least two other subjects.

“These can happen, okay Two modalities subjects of the second year of the Baccalaureate, either a formal subject and a general subject that they had not previously chosen when choosing between the History of Spain and the History of Philosophy, unless they wanted to choose a university that took into account the merits of these last two subjects. In their admission processes. Other than this Students will be able to take the exam in another foreign language It’s different from what I would consider a normal subject,” he says.

More options for places in medicine

Public universities offering degrees in medicine are already receiving their proposals for concessions linked to the increase in places. At present, it is unknown how many of the 37 public universities that have this degree and have sent their applications have received the notification. He Increasing space in medicine will provide some more possibilities Access to this career for students completing EBAU in 2024. Thus, the University Ministry in collaboration with the Health Ministry has started disbursement to build it. medical space in 2024Financing that has been “streamlined to the maximum.”

Overall, direct grant of subsidy is a Total amount 52 million euros To finance an increase of 706 medicine degree places at public universities in the 2023–2024 academic year.

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