The Favorite (Netflix): A forgotten figure in history, this queen reveals herself in this satirical film about the English crown

In the tradition of Jean du Barry, La Favorite takes us this time to early 18th century England, during the reign of Queen Anne, the last monarch of the House of Stuart.

The Favorite (Netflix): The True Story Behind the War for Influence That Changed the Destiny of the United Kingdom

History may not remember his name, but his reign changed the destiny of England with the birth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In Favoritewe discover life queen anne, a king who is considered delicate, unstable and easily influenced, who wears the crown as best he can while his country is at war with France. But if she is on the throne of England, then in reality she is his friend and confidant Lady Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough, who actually rules the country. The Duchess actually has full knowledge of political connections and intrigues, and so takes on the role of advisor to the new Sovereign, who was then hesitant and still unsure about her new title.

In The Favorite, as in real life, we trace Lady Sarah’s gradual rise to power, but the latter will be blocked by one key element: the arrival ofAbigail Masham At Kensington Palace. Cunning and opportunistic, she would succeed in infiltrating the monarch’s heart and life at court, becoming one of Queen Anne’s ladies-in-waiting. The young woman would become a true confidant for the latter, becoming his favourite, just like Sarah Churchill. But which of the two women will succeed in achieving this distinction of privilege?

The Favorite, a film with a five-star Oscar-winning cast

Long vilified and ridiculed, Queen Anne undoubtedly brought stability and stability to the Kingdom of England, especially in the economic and artistic spheres. So this is a major historical figure and yet that director was very quickly forgotten Yorgos Lanthimos Highlights in 2019 black comedy The Favorite, now available on Netflix. We get an extraordinary cast in this biopic that blends historical fact and fiction olivia coleman Reborn as a suspicious and insecure queen of England, Emma Stone In place of Abigail, an ambitious young woman of noble origin and determined to rejoin the elite class. Rachel WeiszFor her part, she is in the guise of Lady Sarah, an advisor who is as cunning as she is cunning.

Actress Olivia Colman, best known for playing Queen Elizabeth II in seasons 3 and 4 of The Crown, won the 2019 award for her notable portrayal of Queen Anne.Academy Award for Best ActressBut this also golden globes Best Actress in a Musical Film or Comedy for her role in The Favourite. For her part, Rachel Weisz received British Academy Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Award for her portrayal of Lady Sarah Churchill. Acclaimed by critics, Yorgos Lanthimos’ feature film received several awards, including the Grand Jury Prize. Venice Film Festival 2018, British Academy Film Award for Best British Film and Best Actor Award Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2019.

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