Toti accompanied his son to his first day at the Rayo branch

18-year-old Cristian Totti, trained by the Roma youth team and Frosinone, will initially stay in Spain until the end of the course, at which time he will decide his future

Christian TotiSon of former Italian international footballer francesco tottiWill play in the reserve team valcano ray By the end of the season and in his first training session he was with his father at the Madrid club’s facilities.

18 year old Christian Totti trained in the youth academy Rome and coming from Frosinone The Italian will initially stay in Spain until the end of the course, at which time he will decide his future.

His father, Francesco, accompanied him to the first training session at Ciudad Deportiva del Rayo and took photographs with several youth players, members of the first team and even club president Raúl Martín Presa.

tap He was accompanied in Madrid by his friend and former footballer Maurice Pagniello, who is currently a businessman and agent. fifa And with which Martín Presa has maintained a good relationship since the creation three years ago of the second and third regional teams, Rayo Vallecano C and Rayo Vallecano D, respectively.

Since then, Pagniello, through the International Football School genoawith whom Ray It has an agreement, it provides young footballers to Madrid clubs, but also to many others from the European continent with whom it has links.

agreements of Ray The fans don’t like him with Pragniello. Indeed, at the end of 2020, during a match in Vallecas, fans took out a banner that read: “More Michels from Vallecas, less Maurice Pagniello.”

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