The fruit that improves vitality and mood in just four days

science has shown that feeding It is an important part of protecting the body from many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer. Many studies focus on the many benefits of fruits and vegetables. However, there is one fruit which competes for the contribution of essential nutrients. He Kiwi i am rich Vitamin C, E and K And its consumption provides fiber, potassium and other phytochemicals that provide not only nutritional benefits, but also health benefits according to studies. Nutrition and health benefits associated with consumption of kiwi Carried out by researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid.

According to this research, regular consumption of kiwi has “beneficial effects on”. Immune Function and Antioxidant Protection, In gastrointestinal function, improves protein digestion and constipation; And in the upper respiratory tract, helping to prevent infections and improve their symptoms. Furthermore, it can have a positive impact on our mood,


mental well-being

Kiwi is known to be a powerful mood booster and new research from the University of Otago has revealed just how powerful its effects can be. In a study published in British Journal of NutritionResearchers found that this fruit Improves vitality and mood In just four days. co-author, teacher tamlin connerThe psychology department says the findings provide a concrete, accessible way for people to offer their support mental well-being,

It’s great for people to know that small changes to their diet, such as adding kiwi, can make a difference to how they feel every day.tamlin conner

Vitamin C intake is linked to improved mood, vitality, well-being, and reduced depression, while vitamin C deficiency is linked to increased depression and cognitive decline.

However, Professor Connor says there is limited research looking at how quickly mood improves after including vitamin C supplements or whole food sources. Researchers attempted to fill that gap with an 8-week dietary intervention in 155 adults with low vitamin C levels.

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participants took a daily supplement Vitamin C, a placebo or two kiwis, They then reported on their vitality, mood, prosperity, sleep quality and quantity, and physical activity using smartphone surveys.

Researchers found that kiwi supplementation improved vitality and mood within four days, reaches its peak between 14 and 16 daysS, and flowering improved from day 14 onwards. Vitamin C, on the other hand, led to a modest improvement in mood by day 12.

Chief Writer, Dr. Ben FletcherUnderstanding the nuances of when and how these effects occur on a daily basis will greatly expand our knowledge of the potential benefits of vitamin C-rich foods and supplements on mental health, says Joe, who conducted the research as part of her PhD at Otago. Contributes to. Health : “This helps us see that what we eat can have a relatively quick effect on our emotions” and adds: “The mental health of our participants was relatively good to begin with, so there was little room for improvement But still reported benefits of intervention with kiwi or vitamin C,” he says.

He added that while vitamin C pills showed some improvements, the study highlights the potential synergistic effects of consuming whole foods like kiwi.

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