Sultans Femenil earns first win in LMS debut

In this opening day of the Mexican Women’s Softball League, lady sultan show at home Before El Águila de Veracruz and achieved one jubilation Historic with the A’s (1-0). no hit no run gameA night in which they also broke the attendance record with 13,408 fans

He Mobil Supe StadiumR was one real party In the first Sultans Femenil game, with everyone Area which were opened crowdedThere were expectations of what the guys, led by manager Nancy Prieto, could show.

Tigres Femenil were with the Sultans

The spectacular atmosphere began with the presence of the Tigres Femenil team at the opening ceremony, where captain Liliana Mercado bowled the first ball And afterward a souvenir photo was taken between the baseball players and the football players.

The match quickly gained momentum and the Sultans started off strong playing with one double play In first entry With Erica Gutierrez at bat, El Águila struck out quickly in her first inning.

First race in the history of Sultans Femenil fell to a low level for the first time, when yariana lopez threw one Home Run Left the field to put the first on the board, and that was the big difference early in the game.

batting duel Was hero in the game, together yanina trevinofrom the sultans, with Seven retreats to the edge up to the fourth heightAnd with Yilian Tornes from El Águila de Veracruz, who didn’t take long to pick up the pace.

madelis reyes connected a Kill Well placed between left and center field, but unfortunately for him They did not move up the career ladder to the board one by one Outside running home Alexa ToscanoEmerging runner.

yanina trevino there was one great nightWith nine wickets in hand and a seventh high he continued the momentum to seal the match pitching and a Historic games without a hit or run,

Second game between Sultanes Femenil and El Águila Veracruz will it be Friday 26th January 8:00 PM at Mobil Super Stadium.

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