Sweater trend: Hailey Bieber wears Lady Diana’s favorite model from the 1990s

We know that fashion has an eternal beginning. In this argument, prominent personalities and houses draw inspiration from and revisit trends that have marked an entire era, and which have sometimes fallen into oblivion. hailey bieber Recently there has been a comeback of the varsity sweater and logo sweatshirt, a true phenomenon of the 1990s, thanks to Princess Diana,

Hailey Bieber challenges Lady Diana’s sportswear style

In the 90s, she was then holed up in Kensington Palace, far away from the curious people who kept an eye on her every move, lady diana Ditched your princess dress in favor of jeans Levi’s pale, stylish t-shirt Athleisureand university sweatshirts and pullovers, symbolizing its growing independence from the royal family.

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lady diana

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Diana Sportswear Logo Sweater

Almost thirty years later, it is the turn of fashionable girls to adopt this trend. let’s quote Emily RatajkowskiBut hailey bieber Who have been spotted many times in similar outfits lady diana, On the streets of Los Angeles in December 2022, hailey bieberwith Justin Biberdeveloped a form Athleisure With quintessential Californian charm. She wore an oversized (possibly vintage) Toronto Argos fan sweater from the Canadian football team, which she paired with very short cycling shorts, a pair of sneakers, and spotless socks. A look that blends comfort and style and can be worn very well lady diana in the 1990s.

hailey bieber

hailey bieber


justin and hailey bieber

justin and hailey bieber

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Vogue Paris invite in September 2019 hailey bieber To pose for the Miss Vogue series. A shoot that paid tribute lady diana and its form games Symbolic Recently, the young woman made another nod to the princess of hearts with a dress composed of a red sweatshirt with vintage New York variations, which she paired with micro-shorts, a long camel wool coat, a pair of children’s shoes and a Was paired with. Cap Nike, This is proof that style lady diana Will always remain a source of inspiration.

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