The Generalitat will “take steps” against doctors with permanent posts who do not use Catalan

«Every professional with a permanent position in the Catalan public health system must know the language. It is so, it has become a law and we will implement it easily. “He has definitely been lax.” Catalan Minister of Health, manel balsaleshas announced today that his department will “take action” against health workers who hold permanent posts in the system and do not use the Catalan language. “There is not a day that goes by when we do not receive complaints from patients because they are not treated in Catalan and it cannot continue like this. We have to be vigilant and, if necessary, take measures to prevent this from happening,” the consultant indicated in a presentation of a linguistic training program promoted in coordination with his department. Department of Business and LaborWhich aims to improve the level of Catalan of health professionals practicing in Catalonia.

These are free and optional online courses that professionals must sign up for Perform during working hours. The measure, which costs 1.5 million euros and will target 2,700 health professionals this year, is part of Catalan Promotion Scheme Finalized by the Generalitat in the health sector. “Is an intensive and comprehensive action” the consultant said, referring to the training courses, which will be offered between April 3 and November 29, and will be structured into three groups depending on the level of language proficiency to be achieved (elementary, intermediate and advanced). Adequacy ).

To encourage participation of professionals in the courses, the Ministry has developed a campaign under the motto ‘Write in Catalan!’, The objective of which is “to ascertain the professional’s need to learn this language through a game composed of 100 questions in which the knowledge of expressions in the field of health as well as anatomy subjects is self-assessed,” as their As explained by the department directed by. Balcells. it self assessment It is presented in a variety of formats, from selecting a Catalan word from an image to linking it to a translation. Each test consists of 10 questions and once completed, the game tells you how many words you have guessed correctly and sends you to the course registration page.

The training courses are aimed, as specified by the consultant, at all professionals who work in the health system and do not speak Catalan. “Whoever comes from outside is welcome and we will make it easy for everyone to learn the language. we will give them some time To do this for them. We will not go looking for anyone. “We are not going to monitor,” he said. However, it has been inflexible when it comes to demanding language proficiency as a requirement for all those selected for a permanent position. “Whoever wants a stable place, Knowledge must be essential.” For years, access to a civil servant position in Catalonia, no matter the sector, including healthcare, has required a proficiency level (level C1) in Catalan.

as he recognized manel balsales This requirement sometimes does not translate into the use of regional language in assistance. “There is not a day when we do not receive complaints from patients because they are not treated in Catalan. “There has definitely been laxity,” he indicated. In this sense, the health chief has announced that his department will “remain vigilant” in the face of this situation and will take action against cases in which Needed.

Of the 100 hours of the training course, a total of 60 hours will be theoretical (educated virtual self-training) and the other 20 practical (oral conversations, as reported by the Catalan Minister of Trade and Work). roger torenTea, Professionals attending the training will directly receive a certificate of language proficiency Association for Linguistic Normalization,


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