The immense potential of medicinal cannabis and the benefits of integrative medicine

louisiana kobo He is an expert doctor medical cannabis And talked about it with MDZ Radio 105.5 FM Medicine integrated to understand what it is about and, within that framework, how cannabis, Apart from this, in a very interesting conversation he talked about ReProCanon (Cannabis Program Registration), self-cultivation, social prejudice, medical advances, contraindications with chemical drugs, above all psychotropic drugs, how it is used according to the user or the patient, if it is an adult, if it is a child. All these questions and many more addressed Dr. KoboHe is also a member of the Clinical Research Commission of the Network of cannabis Of use medicinal and CONICET’s Industrial.

To start, louisiana kobo Doubts cleared about what it is Medicine integrated?, and explained: “In the faculty Medicine We graduated doctors, psychologists from the psychology faculty, veterinarians from the veterinary faculty. We will stop here only, because only those who can write medical cannabis, No one else in our country can do this. In the faculty you graduate and then you can specialise. No features are integrated. One can do gastroenterology, neurology, traumatology and all I a s What we want is the issue of how to unite. When a patient enters the office, he is a whole, individual, unique, unique person and this is made up of his physical, emotional, cultural, sexual areas, his family systems, etc. So, the integrated approach is to address the individual and their problems, or their health care, the ideal of medicine is primary prevention, taking care of the healthy patient. Medicine Integrative is uniting all the areas that make up each person and addressing the problem from a comprehensive perspective. We don’t just go to the liver, or the femur, or the brain.” He said this is also called holistic medicine. In this sense, he added that “that’s why our Consett Commission is made up of not only health professionals, but Also from other professions which are related to social work, anthropology etc.

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