The incredible slit neckline dress that the singer wears with her family

dua lipa The year 2023 ended with trip to indiaDuring this time he got an opportunity to go to Rajasthan. Apparently the star didn’t forget to make the rounds Jaipur, one of the must-see cities of this state. And it was here that he also decided to spend the New Year among his family.

For once, Dua Lipa didn’t miss posting photos from her evening out. He actually took a picture of himself in those situations entertained his fans a lot, She was also seen with a glass of negroni In his hand, admitting to drinking too much alcohol. And to top it all, she wore a beautiful outfit that caught the attention of her followers.

Dua Lipa shows off a stunning low-cut and slit dress

Everyone seems happy with this news halter neck dress By Dua Lipa. According to several media including he found And this daily Mail, This will also be the most glamorous outfit of the year. For her New Year’s in Jaipur, the young artist chose an outfit featuring an unusual: a slit neckline,

The dress worn by Dua Lipa in Jaipur is more precisely from the collection Tom FordAccording to he found, Very long, it is characterized by a characteristic plunging neckline, reaching almost all the way down up to his navel, The piece also features a central slit located at thigh level.

A dress that highlights Dua Lipa’s slim figure

Dua Lipa looked stunning in this thigh high and high slit dress to end the year 2023 in India. Very light and long, this piece is well highlighted famous slim silhouette actress’s barbie, With the help of a stylist, she also thought of several accessories, including a small bag marnie It is visible in one of his photos.

Dua Lipa also didn’t forget some jewelery to compliment her New Year’s outfit. he actually wore it gold earrings Also a large onyx and metal ring. as usual he foundThe latter brand comes from Saint Laurent, as well as another ring. A Cartier watch can also be seen on his wrist.

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fans in the singer’s magic

In the comments, fans of famous singer Undoubtedly this flood of new publications hasAppreciation, ” You’re beautiful “For example, one Internet user wrote. “You’re amazing as always!” ,A fan also commented. ” the most beautiful woman in the world “one Instagram user said.

The price of this dress and the jewelery worn by Dua Lipa that evening, given the provenance of these pieces, is likely very high. Only a singer could wear clothes like this end the year in style, “I feel very fortunate to finish my year here in India. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have shown us so much love, kindness, hospitality and generosity.she wrote.

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