The Last of Us 2 star reveals her heartbreaking story that should be a warning sign to Kaitlyn Dever

This article contains spoilers The last of us.

Gaming enthusiasts are known to be quite passionate about their favorite video games, but sometimes things get out of control. No one can guarantee this better than the creators and voice artists the last of us part ii Joe actually faced death threats from fans when something didn’t go his way in the game.

Abby in The Last of Us Part llAbby in The Last of Us Part ll
Abby in The Last of Us Part ll

While everyone got their share of hate from fans, it seems like Laura Bailey, the voice artist for Abby, may have gotten the short end of the stick. Pouring her heart out in a behind-the-scenes documentary, Laura Bailey tells the world about what she went through after her release. The Last of Us Part II. Looks like actress Kaitlyn Dever will have to prepare herself for the near future!

fans of the last of us part ii mix fantasy with reality

Laura Bailey in the Grounded II documentaryLaura Bailey in the Grounded II documentary
Laura Bailey in the Grounded II documentary

There is a big difference between real and reel, but sometimes the line between them gets blurred. Something similar happened with Laura Bailey when she lent her voice to Abby, one of the most controversial characters in the gaming world.

After Abby murders the game’s beloved protagonist, Joel, fans are naturally shocked to the core. After all, no one saw it coming! However, there was probably a better way to deal with the shock than sending hatred towards the person behind Abby’s voice.

In a documentary titled Grounded II: Making the Last of Us Part II, Bailey opened up about the death threats she received after Joel’s death went live. She said that the Internet was filled with death and violent threats to such an extent that she had to report the most disturbing threats to authorities. However, the worst happened when angry fans got involved with Bayley’s newborn son.

Bailey said while holding back tears,

“Whenever I went online, that’s all I saw. Just death threats and threats of violence…the worst of it, really hardcore death threats, came through and they made sure they weren’t anybody who lived nearby…yes, they Were threatening the son. You know who was born during all this? Yes, it was difficult. It was difficult. But, you know, it’s taught me to keep my distance.

Bailey’s honesty was enough to bring tears to the audience’s eyes. However, his story is one of many where actors have to pay a price for their characters’ actions.

Kaitlyn Dever needs to fasten her seat belt

Kaitlyn Dever in IncredibleKaitlyn Dever in Incredible
Kaitlyn Dever in Incredible

After the extraordinary performance of the last of usStarring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, season two is slated for release in 2025. Season two will introduce a very dangerous character, Abby, as fans prepare themselves for the worst. Golden Globe Award nominee Kaitlyn Dever is all set to bring Abby to life, but considering what Bailey went through, Dever needs to prepare herself for a potential wave of hate.

Concerns aside, the casting team may have once again outdone themselves with this appointment. Incredible Actress. She looks perfect for this role! As co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin told Variety,

“Our casting process for season two is the same as season 1: we look for world-class actors who embody the souls of the characters in the source material. Nothing matters more than talent, and we are thrilled to have an acclaimed artist like Caitlin join Pedro, Bella and the rest of our family.

While we’re looking forward to Dever putting his skills as an actor on full display, only time will tell how his performance is received by passionate fans of the franchise.

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