The latest video of Elon Musk’s robot appears to be filmed with a phone from 2002

Elon Musk shared a new video on Saturday starring Optimus, the robot Tesla is working on from 2021, But anyone who tries to watch the video will immediately notice something strange. The Optimus clip is so low-quality and pixelated that it looks like it was filmed with a two-decade-old flip phone.

New video posted and viewed Saturday morning 35 million times While writing these lines. But in the video, Optimus is shown just walking without doing anything. This would have been very impressive. around 2013 Since it’s relatively difficult to get machines that run like humans, it’s not entirely clear why Musk would want the world to. Seeing Optimus walk like that.

,UPDATE, 3:58 PM ET: sometime in the last 30 minutes elon musk video

This was changed to include a higher resolution version. Interestingly, Tweets that have been edited will usually show a note at the bottom saying that a Tweet was edited and when it happened, but Musk’s tweet doesn’t indicate anything. Has been changed. We’ve checked with Twitter to see if Musk has any special rules as the owner of the social media platform and will update this post if we find out. Back. The remainder of this publication has been preserved for posterity.)

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