“The main advance in medicine has been vaccination” – ULL Journalism

“The international medical community has a huge advocacy job to do.”

Justo Hernández is Professor of History of Medicine at the University of La Laguna. Doctoral degree from the University of Valencia with thesis Cristóbal de Vega and his Liber de arte medendiDue to his continued inclination towards natural sciences and life sciences he decided to dedicate himself to medicine. After graduation, he served in the military service, which he defines as a challenge in his career, providing his services in the emergency room and performing triage, which is the process of selecting patients in emergencies. There is a method. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, he started working on research about the development of the virus and its vaccination, which continues to this day.

In military medicine it is defined as a traumatic experience. There he really learned what medicine was all about, as he first had to select and care for those who could be saved under his own criteria. Ultimately, he decided to dedicate himself to teaching, as he did not see the idea of ​​triage as his true vocation. After studying Latin and humanities for two years in Rome, he discovered that his passion was teaching.

HUC is understaffed and needs to increase its budget.  Photo: L. Garcia
University Hospital of the Canary Islands. Photo: L. Garcia

For Hernandez, “Public education is in decline.” This is due to several factors: there is a lack of resources, investment, there are no new teachers and many of those who exist will retire in 2030. The risk is that the public university could be left almost without teachers for that year. However, he remains optimistic because for him “we still have students of great importance.”

“The public education system is in major crisis.”

He also says that today’s students are much more prepared and motivated. However, he points out that “the most important thing to become a doctor is not to get registration, but to be able to take care of a sick person.”

Since the beginning of COVID-19 in 2020, Hernandez has conducted a lot of research on the progress of the pandemic and its vaccination so far. He explains how it was initially assumed that the coronavirus would not directly affect Spain, which for him was a big mistake. He explains that “If attention had been paid to this from the beginning and necessary steps had been taken in time, there would not have been so many deaths.”

,The main mistake of health officials was not to be alert,

Due to his knowledge and training, he feels it is appropriate to continue the COVID-19 vaccination for some time. For the professor, “We still do not know whether there may be more outbreaks or whether there may be new circumstances that will worsen the situation.” Similarly, they argue that “the first dose alone saved more than 700,000 lives. “It is important for people to know that, thanks to this vaccine, deaths from the potential pandemic have been reduced by 57% so far, from more than 1.4 million deaths.”

Furthermore, for him, “we must keep in mind that the coronavirus pandemic probably comes from human manipulation, a laboratory accident, so this is another reason to get vaccinated.” Despite declaring that the teacher does not anticipate that multiple vaccines will be necessary, after his numerous investigations, he can say with certainty that the coronavirus is an artificial pandemic.

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