Mexican National Team: Diego Coca breaks silence about TRAI players

The coach talks to David Feitelson about what the Mexican National Team is going through

After losing to the United States in the Concacaf Nations League final mexican team He is going through a terrible moment under the orders of Jaime Lozano, not being able to find a way to fully convince the Mexican fans.

The criticism has come after a painful defeat against a local rival, a situation that Argentina’s former TRAI strategist considers normal. diego coca,

Whoever was the coach of the Mexican National Team a year ago held nothing back and chatted with David Feitelson at an event. TUDNKoka assured that the Tricolor footballer does not like to work too much.

“Look, I consider complaints to be natural. It’s good, you complained because you worked a lot, yes. You are going to work a lot with me. Do you want to stay with me? I am going to make you earn , but you’re going to work a lot. If you don’t want to tell me, there’s no problem. ‘No, no, I’d better stay home, in my country, in the country where I’m working And I am not coming. That’s all. No one told me,” The former two-time champion coach commented with Atlas.

Coca also considered statements from various elements of the Mexican national team regarding the selection process to be inaccurate. Gerardo “Tata” MartinoSince the Inter Miami coach can no longer defend himself.

“Look at the messages from the players, which I don’t share and this is not a good time to say this, because the previous coach is no longer there. But they went to play against Argentina and didn’t know what to do. So, if you are going to face an opponent, and you don’t know what you are going to do on the field, and you go out to see what happens, most likely bad things will happen. Will happen,” he said.

The tactician also revealed that there were players who “lacked attitude” during his process at the top of TRAU.

Coca “wanted a change”

During the same program, Diego Coca revealed that his process was changing the mentality of the Mexican player. He concluded, “That was a later stage. The confrontations, the changing mentality, making them nervous so much that they really seriously want to win something. I was lacking so much process and logically there is a lot of room for improvement as well. “

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