The pairing of Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid is our new fashion inspiration right now

Famous for his comfortable and elegant style, Bradley Cooper has yet again found a strong competitor: model Gigi Hadid and coincidentally his new girlfriend. Bradley Cooper’s style has been at its peak since they started dating last year. The actor and director has been photographed wearing rare sneakers and other designer clothes on several occasions. The model’s influence on the Oscar nominee’s wardrobe is clear: For example, Bradley Cooper regularly wears cashmere pants and sweaters from Gigi Hadid’s brand Guest in Residence, as well as bright yellow Samba sneakers that the model designed for Adidas. Collaboratively designed.

Recently the couple was spotted on the streets of New York. While hailing a taxi with his partner, the actor and director paired an olive green wool jacket with sage-colored cargo bottoms. As far as shoes go, he wore a pair of rare Air Force 1s designed by former Givenchy and Burberry creative director Riccardo Tisci. Gigi Hadid wore burgundy Perfecto by Holzweiler brand, Adidas Samba sneakers designed by Wales Bonner and knitted pants by Nigel Xavier, the recent winner of the reality TV show. next in fashionWhich the model co-hosts on Netflix.

Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper in New York.

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Beyond this nod to the successful stage show, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper know well how to use these moments stolen by the paparazzi to promote themselves. As reported in the US edition of Vogue, the couple recently had breakfast in downtown Manhattan wearing outfits that highlighted their respective projects. Bradley Cooper, who is competing for an Oscar for Best Actor with his film about composer Leonard Bernstein, wore a New York Philharmonic sweatshirt (the latter ran the institution from 1958 to 1969). Gigi Hadid, for her part, carried an XXL shopping bag from her own brand, Guest in Residence, on her shoulder.

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