The reason? Canada has limited the entry of foreign students for two years

Canada announced Monday it will limit permits for international students to two years after the country’s housing crisis worsened due to rising incomes. Government.

“To make sure there is no new growth Considering the number of international students in Canada in 2024, we will set a national cap on applications (to enter the country for study) for a two-year period,” Immigration Minister, Mark Miller.

In 2024, Canada plans to issue 364,000 permits for international students, a 35% decrease from 2023.

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The measure does not extend to international students already enrolled in Canadian universities, said Justin Trudeau’s government, which is working with provinces responsible for the educational system to implement the measure.

An official estimate suggests that there are more than one million foreign students in Canada.

The “rapid” increase in this number “puts pressure on housing, health care and other services” in some provinces, the minister said, adding that there is “little diversity” in terms of countries of origin. Student.

Canada, whose population surpassed 40 million in June, is facing a housing crisis in all areas of the country.

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