Natalie Portman has been famous since she was 12, she looks back at her “different youth” (video)

Former child actor, Natalie Portman has built her career around strong and offbeat roles. Invited to C à vous on France 5 to defend her new film, she recalled her beginnings, when she was only 12 years old.

Natalie Portman, former child actor turned influential Hollywood producer, face of Miss Dior perfume and Oscar-winning actress, stars in Troubled “May December”, recently received appreciation at the Cannes Film Festival. The film marks the first collaboration between Natalie Portman and Todd Haynes, a director known for his skill in exploring female destiny. In the film, Natalie Portman plays a small-screen actress who must play a character inspired by a shocking news story from the 1990s about the relationship between Mary Kay Letourneau and a teenager convicted of sexually assaulting a minor. It is a love story.

Natalie Portman had an early start in the film industry. At the age of 12 she was given the role of “Mathilda”.leon“By Luc Besson.

If she has sometimes criticized this media overexposure for stealing a part of her childhood and innocence, especially after the release of “leon“, Thanks to this job she was able to live a slightly different life, which she does not regret today.

Interrogated by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine c you Upon her debut, Natalie Portman responded: “It has given me an extraordinary life. “I know this is not an unusual life or youth.”

She, who is now the mother of two children, Aleph, 12, and Amaali, 7, adds: “But I was able to travel, see places I would have never seen, meet people I never would have met.”

she adds : “I was able to collaborate with artists who showed me new ways of seeing the world.”

He believes he has “Was very lucky.”

,I was really very fortunate that my parents were very protective. So I was able to do all this without suffering from it.”She believes.

“But yes, it’s an adolescence, a different adolescence.” She adds that, despite her acting career, she wanted to continue her studies in psychology at Harvard, and graduated in 2003.

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