The Regime: Kate Winslet scares as a dictator in trailer

A new political series from HBO, full of skepticism and superstars.

after being a police officer mare of easttown, Kate Winslet Reuniting with HBO for a brand new original miniseries in a very different style. In system of governmentThe ex-rom’com heroine will be scary like we’ve never seen her before! Kate Winslet You will play the role of a dictator of a (fictitious) European country, who rules his people and his ministers with an iron fist, fueled by his anger and ambitions of conquest. The thirst for power in its raw state. Except that people are roaring outside and there is danger of revolution.

system of government

A political series full of black humor that “takes us to the center of a modern totalitarian regime as it begins to collapse”, HBO writes. “Chancellor Elena Wernham (Winslet), whom isolation within the four walls of the palace has made increasingly paranoid and unstable, surrounds herself with the soldier Herbet Zubk, who is as unpredictable as he is a confidant. As his grip on the Chancellor continues to grow, his subsequent failed attempts to quench his thirst for power create a rift within the palace and set the country on fire.”

At the time of casting, Matthias Schoenaerts While she will play the role of her soldier-lover guillaume gallien Will be her husband. Andrea Riseborough, Martha Plimpton and Hugh Grant will also be there.

Written and partially directed by Will Tracy Stephen FrearsThe 6-episode series will be broadcast on Prime Video’s Warner Pass in France from Monday 4 March.

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