The report on Latino Happiness shows that most of them feel happy; Family and health are the main factors contributing to this

Released in support of International Day of Happiness, the 2024 Latino Happiness Report highlights the happiness, mental well-being and motivations of the Latino community in the United States.  (Graphic: Business Wire)

Released in support of International Day of Happiness, the 2024 Latino Happiness Report highlights the happiness, mental well-being and motivations of the Latino community in the United States. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The Vida y Salud brand of HITN, the nation’s leading Hispanic public media company, conducted a study to gather information about happiness and well-being in the U.S. Latino community.

Brooklyn, NY, March 20, 2024–(Business Wire)–2024 Latino Happiness ReportPublished today, it shows that 57% of Latinos living in the US consider themselves happy. An additional 30% say they are at least somewhat happy with their lives, while 13% say they are unhappy. Produced by Vida y Salud, the health and wellness brand of leading Hispanic public media company HITN, to support International Happiness Day, the report highlights the happiness, mental well-being and motivations of the United States’ Latino community.

Latinos represent approximately 19% of the total US population and studies estimate that they are responsible for 80% of the net growth in the workforce. By understanding the key factors that influence the happiness, health, and well-being of Latinos, we can ensure better overall health for this rapidly growing and economically important community. “Many of today’s social issues have a disproportionate impact on Latino families,” said Erica Vogt-Lovell, director of programming and acquisitions at HITN. “Latino families report high levels of stress related to culturally specific concerns such as discrimination and acculturation, in addition to the general stressors faced by other communities. It is extremely important to develop resources and tools that support our growing Support communities, for their well-being as well as for the well-being of the nation as a whole.

To obtain the survey results, Vida y Salud surveyed 230 subscribers over the age of 18 to their Vida y Salud email newsletter. The main findings of the survey are:

  • importance of family: Health and family are the basis of happiness for many people in the Latino community. 26% of respondents cited family as the main factor in their happiness, while 20% indicated that health was the most important thing to their happiness.

  • scope for growth: Additionally, many Latinos consider health an area for growth, as 21% indicated they would like to increase their feelings of happiness around health. Relationships with family and friends/partners ranked as the second and third areas in which Latinos want to see an increase in happiness.

  • Community and resilience are important: According to many people surveyed, community plays an important role in happiness. Among those who indicated that they considered Latinos to be happier than other demographic groups, their preference was primarily due to valuing close family relationships (22%) and being better adapted to their environment and circumstances (20%). Was.

  • positive outlook: 100% of Latinos surveyed confirmed that they try to face life with a positive attitude. Equally important is the fact that 77% of respondents said happiness depends on us rather than external factors, indicating opportunities for Latinos to continue working to increase their happiness.

According to HITN and the Vida y Salud team, understanding the mindset and challenges of the Latino community will lead to the creation of useful educational materials for physical and mental well-being. “There is a close connection between happiness and overall well-being,” says Vogt-Lowell. “Studies have shown that happiness can improve heart health, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and increase longevity. Our Latino community has a lower risk of cardiovascular risk factors, as well as other Have higher rates of health problems. To better understand the role happiness plays in our lives, we can focus on sharing information that will have a positive impact on the health risk factors we face and lead to happier, healthier Will help build communities.

A solid and trusted source of health and wellness information, the Vida y Salud platform offers over 1,000 original videos, articles and tools focused on health topics and created from a Latino perspective. Life & Health users can also access support services and live chat with representatives about general health issues.

survey method

The data was collected through an online survey conducted between March 4, 2024, and March 15, 2024. Survey participants were email subscribers of the Vida y Salud newsletter.

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