The sadistic nurse who killed old women with cleaning products

Joan Villa Dilmay when put on trial for 11 murders of elderly people, to which she confessed

“What a misfortune! They always die on me,” nurse Joan Villa Dilme said more than once to her colleagues at the Fundación la Caritat geriatric residence in Olot, and always received consolation.

The other staff at the residence felt sorry for this shy nurse, of few words, but always dedicated to her work. They told her she had to get used to it, that death was an almost inevitable end when caring for the elderly who often had health problems. They always died of old age, so much so that they were never autopsied.

Villa was consoled by his companions with a sad smile and a somewhat moist look behind the lenses of his glasses. This Villa is a good child, too sensitive for this work, said other employees of La Caritat behind his back.

The only person who did not think so was one of the elderly women admitted to the nursing home, Paquita Girones, an 85-year-old woman with a strong character who was difficult to get along with. She was a widow without children and her niece would visit her from time to time and she would take out her anger on her. She told him in harsh Catalan that the nurse with glasses was a “mal parrit” (badly born) and that he had once hit her “in the face with a host.” Neither her niece nor the nursing home staff believed her: when Paquita did not like someone, she would say bad things about that person.

Paquita died on the night of October 17, 2010, becoming yet another death among the elderly living in Villa’s care so that they could believe her. For once, the doctor at La Caritat hesitated before signing the death certificate “from natural causes”, concerned by a strange black spot on the old woman’s tongue.

Next to the doctor was Willa, sad, who, some time ago, when the old woman was already dying beyond treatment, had said, with regret, almost as a plea: “Do nothing, she is dying. Yes, let him die in peace.”

At the time, the doctor didn’t put two and two together, but Paquita’s black tongue was something he couldn’t let go and he asked for an autopsy to establish her cause of death.

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