The sectors most committed to reforestation are foundations, financial services and health and wellness

adoption of Decarbonization Strategies Combating climate change is one of the main trends for 2024 in business sustainability plans.

According to the report ‘Winning in Green Markets: Scaling Products for a Net Zero World’ published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group, this decade will see huge growth in the manufacturing of climate solutions and large materials markets. , for products and services achieve climate neutralityFor which technological innovation will be an important factor.

In this context, CO2 Revolution, a company leading in the regeneration of forests worldwide with a revolutionary methodology: drones and smart seeds, combined with mechanized and traditional systems, has carried out an analysis among almost a hundred entities and companies that served Is . All with a common purpose; Fight climate change through efficient reforestation and integrate these actions into your ESG strategies.

According to their data, the sectors that have invested the most in these types of projects are: foundation (48%) Such as Fundación Ibarcaza, Fundación Terra, Fundación Tierra Pura or Fundación Once: Financial Services (16%)Among which Banco Sabadell, Ibarcaza or MAPFRE and Health & Wellbeing (15%), where it is worth mentioning BUPA (Sanitas) and Helios Healthcare (Hospitals Quirón Salud). They highlight that companies in the financial sector compensate the most tons, followed by the health and wellness sector.

Investments in these areas in reforestation projects have made it possible for CO2 Revolution to plant a total of 223,359 trees on 225 hectares in its last financial year, 2023, which represents the area of ​​approximately 22,500 football stadiums. again, Focus is on Galicia, where the company has located most of its plantations as it is one of the most desertified areas due to recent fires. Looking to 2024, they will continue to invest in this community, in addition to Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León and Valencia. In addition to his new projects in Latin America.

The company has revealed that there is rapid growth greater environmental awareness, which is seen in the amount of its plantations. In 2023 alone, they planted 66,569 more trees, representing a 40% increase over the previous year. According to Juan Carlos Sesma, CEO of CO2 Revolution, companies are aware of the urgent need to find solutions and innovate in environmental technologies to combat climate change as we progress towards a true ecological transition.

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