They reveal the most important novelties of Apple’s new flagship phone

Clues continue to emerge about what Apple is preparing with the iPhone 16 and its more professional models

We are about to see the official launch of the Apple Vision Pro in the United States and in a few weeks we will see the release of iOS 17.4, compatible with European laws. 2024 started strong for Apple, but we shouldn’t forget What is the main product of the company: iPhone,

And we are going to see that iPhone renewal in 8 months, which is not as long as one usually believes. More clues are slowly emerging about the main new features of the iPhone 16 Pro Max, The latest leaks focus on your camera,

iPhone 16 Pro inherits the specifications of iPhone 15 Pro Max

Photography has become Apple’s most competitive factor, and this will be noticeable with the iPhone 16 as well. Apparently, the Pro Max model They will have even bigger sensors Compared to what was previously seen with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. They will be the Sony IMX903, which will maintain the resolution of 48 MP but use a 12% larger sensor.

As a tip, iPhone 16 Pro will also have periscopic lens Which are currently exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max (so-called tetraprism, The diagonal of this iPhone will be 6.3 inches, and this increase in size could be enough to fit those new lenses inside.

A special button for the camera on the iPhone 16

Another function that is discussed in the media is the possibility of information such as A new button on iPhone 16, designed to be able to quickly access the camera. Yes, the iPhone 15 Pro has an action button, so we could see it joining the rest of the range or perhaps appearing as another additional button.

According to the source, Apple wants It is very easy to record horizontal video thanks to that button, Since many social networks prefer the type of video that YouTube currently dominates, Apple wants to position itself well in that trend.

Another novelty that these iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro could have would also have a special advantage when it comes to running AI that we could see in iOS 18, a system that we should see at WWDC which will take place in June. . On this, we should have more details as next spring progresses.

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