The Social Welfare Department employs 255 residents of Castellón

Workshops of NGO Action Against HungerSubsidies of up to 70,000 euros were given, allowing employment to 50% of those who were part of their

Begona CarrascoThe Mayor of Castellón has highlighted Castellón City Council’s contribution to employment, social inclusion and entrepreneurship programmes. NGO Action Against HungerManaged by Social Welfare Department.

The mayor explained that “this is an initiative that includes five programs These include Employment School, Vives Emprende and Vives Empleia Saludable. “a total of 255 people “The unemployed women who participated during the last year have improved their chances of accessing a job through their participation in Action Against Hunger programs, which are supported by the Social Welfare Department of the Castellón City Council,” says Carrasco. ”Index of people, upon completing this training, have got a job fifty%”Add.

For Carrasco, who met with the social welfare councilor this week, Maika HurtadoAlong with representatives of Action Against Hunger and municipal technical staff, it is also important to highlight that “these programs that were developed last year 70% of total beneficiaries are women,

“Underprepared women and women over a certain age have a more difficult time entering the workforce, which is why it’s great news to be able to help such a significant percentage of women who are in their job training.” Struggling to improve and achieve a better future.”

Thus, Carrasco wanted to emphasize “the commitment by the City Council to these types of programs.” A collaboration that allows us to reach where municipal services cannot always do so. An action that ultimately benefits our citizens, in this case people looking for jobs or improving the ones they already have. Since, on behalf of the Council, we are not going to miss any opportunity The best social policy is one that creates jobsLike these social-labor integration programs.”

Social Skills and Jobs for the Ceramic Industry

The mayor of Castellón has emphasized that “people participating in these social-labor insertion programs not only improve their chances of finding a job, but also improve personal skills Such as motivation, self-esteem, self-knowledge, teamwork or training in computer tools and digitalization.”

On the other hand, “they are offered different coaching tools And training to make finding a job easier, starting with knowing how to write a good resume or how to face a job interview.”

Another example that stands out is the training that was focused on ceramic industry So that Castellón companies have specialized employees. “Last year, a Logistics and Industrial Cleaning Employment School and a Multipurpose Ceramic Operator Employment School were held, in which 99 people of the city of Castellón”, emphasizes,

“They are examples of how collaboration between administrations, institutions and companies should be focused on our land needs and core economic activities, in this case the manufacturing of tiles,” he said.

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