The United States promised to work with Israel for the stabilization of Gaza and called for “a political path forward for the Palestinians.”

US commits to working with Israel to stabilize Gaza and notes importance of building “a political path forward for Palestinians” (Reuters)

During his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister benjamin netanyahuUS Secretary of State, anthony blinkencommitted to working together israel In pursuit of recovery and stabilization of HoroscopeSo that long-term stability can be achieved in the region.

After the meeting in Tel Aviv this afternoon, Blinken said they were “urgently working” with the Jewish state to pave the way toward lasting peace and security.

“It will not be easy and it will not happen overnight but we agree to work together and coordinate our efforts Help stabilize and recover Gaza, chart a political path forward for Palestinians, and work for long-term peace, security, and stability in the region. Overall,” he declared at the same time as he expressed the possibility to Israeli President Create “a Palestinian state”An idea that Tel Aviv still opposes but which has great support among countries in the region.

Blinken once again expressed the region’s allies’ desire to create a post-war Palestinian state (Reuters)

“We are working urgently to pave the way towards lasting peace and security” but “Israeli leaders will have to make difficult decisions.”Blinken added. He added, “Israel must partner with Palestinian leaders who are willing to lead their people and must stop taking steps that undermine the ability of Palestinians to effectively govern themselves.”

Similarly, he told his counterpart Yisrael Katz that there are “real possibilities” for Israel’s integration with the Middle East, although it is necessary to overcome this “very difficult moment” first.

In that sense, the US official stressed to Netanyahu the importance of preserving the lives of Palestinian civilians who were left in the middle of the crossfire between the Defense Forces and Hamas, and looking for ways to “avoid[these]” Urged to do. damage.” and “increase the level of humanitarian assistance reaching civilians” in the Palestinian enclaves.

The number of victims, especially children, is very high in Gaza “There are too many, so more food, water and medicine” are necessary, he lamented.

Blinken expresses regret over high number of child victims in Gaza (Reuters)

In any case, the official stressed that the United States supports “Israel’s right to continue its offensive and defend itself after the massacre” in order to “prevent a repetition of the October 7 terrorist attacks.” “We do not have to choose between defending Israel and helping Palestinian civilians. “We can and must do both.”He said in this regard.

Another topic addressed at the meeting was the situation of approximately 130 hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza, whose release is one of the War Cabinet’s priorities. Like Palestinian civilians, they face “severe food insecurity,” among other risks, Blinken noted.

The United States is working with Israel to secure the release of hostages (Reuters)

While these diplomatic meetings are taking place, Benjamin Netanyahu’s forces announced this Tuesday that its ground offensive in Gaza, mainly in Khan Yunis in the south, has expanded, killing about 40 militants with more attacks expected . Earlier, on Saturday, troops confirmed the complete destruction of Hamas’ military structures in the north, so militants there operate sporadically, “without commanders” and no longer pose a strong threat.

For the center and south, they conducted more selective raids “the other way around”. He then indicated, “It takes time, there are no shortcuts in the fight against terrorism.”

The IDF expanded its operation in the south of the Gaza Strip and liberated the north from terrorists, where Palestinians will soon be able to return to their homes (Zuma Press)

Thanks to these advances, the United Nations is finally ready to carry out an assessment mission that allows “displaced Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip” to “safely return to their homes,” Blinken said at his news conference. . They should be allowed to return to their homes as soon as circumstances permit,” he continued.

On the other hand, the US envoy discussed the rising tensions in the region and ways to prevent new actors from joining the war, which is not in the interest of any of the regional allies.

“Nobody wants more fronts to open in this conflict. Countries in the region are using their influence to ensure that this does not happen,” he commented.

In this regard, the Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, had earlier told him that “A.” increased pressure on iran This is critical and can be stopped”, which became even more possible after last week’s attack in Lebanon, another in Kerman.

Blinken blamed Hamas for the war and said it could end tomorrow if the terrorists decide this

Finally, Blinken again took the opportunity to point out that the consequences of this war conflict are the fault of terrorist militias. “Hamas could have ended it on October 8 If he had not hidden behind civilians, if he had laid down his arms, if he had surrendered, if he had freed the hostages. If Hamas had not done what it did on October 7, and if it had taken different decisions later, none of this suffering would have happened. He concluded, “If Hamas takes this decision it could end tomorrow.”

Prior to his arrival in the Jewish State, the US official visited Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and will continue his tour of the West Bank to deliver a message to all of these influential actors. Conflict – Attitudes and perspectives regarding the next steps in the conflict.

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