The United States shot down a new batch of drones and cruise missiles threatening ships in the Red Sea

The United States shot down a new batch of drones and cruise missiles threatening ships in the Red Sea (Reuters)

He united states army Announced that it will be demolished this Monday four drones air and sea and two anti-ship cruise missiles In this the Red Seawithin the framework of its operations in support of Gaza Strip In the face of Israeli military attack.

He United States Central Command ,centcom) reported that during the afternoon, between 4:45 and 11:45 local time, it destroyed three unmanned surface ships (USV), Two Mobile Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles ,ASCM) and an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav,

maritime drones and cruise missiles they were ready to run towards the Red SeaWhereas aerial drone I was flying over these waters. The US military identified these weapons in areas of Yemen Controlled by the Houthis and determined that “Presented an imminent threat to US Navy ships and merchant vessels in the area,

During this day, British Defense Minister, Grant Shappssaid that United Kingdom and its allies will continue to defend themselves against attacks by the Yemeni insurgency in the country the Red Sea As long as they continue”his barbaric behavior, Furthermore, he said that their actions against Houthi targets “Success,

Maritime drones and cruise missiles were prepared to be launched into the Red Sea (Reuters/File)

“The Houthis can stop this barbaric behavior whenever they want. Instead, they ruthlessly choose to continue their reckless acts of aggression, harming not only innocents, but also their own people in Yemen., “We will continue to take action until they stop, but there is a growing consensus that the Houthis’ abuses cannot continue,” he said, according to the British newspaper.Independent,

In recent months, hostilities in the area have escalated due to clashes between Israel Defense Forces and the terrorist group Hamas. over the Gaza Strip, The Israeli operation began almost immediately after Hamas’ incursion into its territory, killing an estimated 1,200 people and abducting another 250.

A ship ran aground in the Gulf of Aden after being attacked by Houthi rebels last week (Europa Press)

In a show of solidarity with the Palestinians, the Houthis have warned that they will attack any ships operated by Israeli companies or whose ports are their final destination.

In reply, usa And United Kingdom has led a coalition aimed at protecting maritime tradeEven Yemeni territory controlled by rebels has been attacked, leading to increased attacks on ships from these two countries.

(With information from Europa Press)

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