The university rector admits that it is going to be “difficult” to implement the medicine degree in Teruel

The university rector admits that it is going to be “difficult” to implement the medicine degree in TeruelJaime Galindo

It was during the electoral campaign when the current President of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, took advantage of one of his visits to the region to announce that if he became President Will promote medical degree in Teruel, Complicated task because it must be linked to a university hospital, which does not exist, and which Bishop Polanco will need to be converted like this, For now, the Government of Aragon has set up a commission with the University of Zaragoza to analyze the real options and its needs to implement a degree in Medicine in the capital of Teruel.

The rector, José Antonio Mayoral, said this in an interview on Aragon Radio yesterday, in which he admitted that Azcon’s promise will be “difficult” to keep, «Achieving this recognition in Huesca has cost a lot. It will be a little more difficult in Teruel, but we will have to see What types of specialties do we have that have training potential?, because this is the requirement of the University Hospital for the Official State Gazette (BOE). For example, a rotation, business and surgery rate is required and students have “minimum” contact with patients.

Single entry service, control and evaluation methods with access to polyclinics, emergencies and hospitalization should also be guaranteed. Not only this. As he reminded the rector, The capital should have health and psychiatric centers and the first to do so would be a university hospital, which would be Obispo Polanco.To apply for a degree in medicine later.

As the Rector acknowledged, it would be “simpler” to implement only the first two years of the degree, as is the case in Huesca, although there would remain the problem of adequate teaching staff and the capacity to add places, i.e. “doctors” who have assistance. And also there is a place in the university.

“That’s all the commission is going to study.” It will clearly state what is going to be done. When we have all that, we will be able to give grades,” explained the rector, who did not want to run rather than walk and was wary of the proposal and President Azcon’s intentions.


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