The Venezuelan opposition condemned Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship as starting a “new repressive wave”.

The Maduro regime has arbitrarily detained several Venezuelan political, military and activist leaders in recent days (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

Venezuelan opposition condemned it on Thursday A “new repressive wave” by the Nicolas Maduro regime in the country, which has condemned conspiracies to which it links anti-Chavismo.

“We strongly reject the regime’s new repressive wave Repeating the pattern of human rights violations that has been used for years to harass, kidnap and imprison political leadersSocial fighters, unionists, students, tweeters, teachers and housewives,” the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) said in a statement.

“In less than a week,” he said. A representative of the educational sector and three campaign coordinators have been “kidnapped” The presidential candidate of this block, Maria Corina Machado.

In this regard, the PUD asked for “information about the place of imprisonment, the condition of the kidnapped people and their immediate release, since they have not committed any crime.”

Furthermore, he reminded that the headquarters of political parties, trade union organisations, unions and private residences of opposition leaders have been vandalized through a “fascist operation” this week. “Bolivarian Fury”The name of a plan launched by the Venezuelan dictator to “protect the right to peace.”

Maria Corina Machado is the candidate for Venezuela’s Democratic Unitary Platform (Jesus Vargas/dpa)

Anti-Chavismo assured that the regime broadcasts complaints every year of “assassinations, coups or conspiracies of all kinds, and they serve as an argument “To conduct selective raids against the Venezuelan opposition.”

The charges are a response to recently revealed conspiracy plans, which – according to the prosecutor’s office – include the assassination of Maduro and other senior state officials.

Recent events, the writing continues, Their aim is to postpone the presidential election Scheduled for the second half of the year, the exact date of which has not yet been announced.

In this sense, the PUD asked the international community to remain vigilant and to activate the verification mechanisms of the agreements that delegations of the opposition and the Venezuelan regime signed in Barbados last October.

For his part, this Thursday Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Chavista National Assembly, said that Maduro would be Chavismo’s candidate in the presidential elections. He expressed to the pro-government delegates, “We are guilty of not accepting, not permitting, not disclosing, and destroying the plans to assassinate the President, who is also our candidate.”

In the plenary session he also took aim at Maria Corina Machado, warning that she would not be part of the electoral contest: “There is no way for this woman to be a candidate in any election in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

Jorge Rodriguez warned that Maria Corina Machado will not be a candidate in the presidential election (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

And he added: “With or without sanctions, with protests or without sanctions, with international and national observers, if they don’t want to come, don’t let international observers come, there will be presidential elections in Venezuela because that’s what The Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela establishes, and we will elect the President of the Republic, and we will spend our lives defending the right that these people have to peacefully elect a President in a democracy.

In recent weeks, both the regime and the opposition, part of the PUD, have accused each other of violating the agreement in Barbados, where the parties signed a “Partial Agreement on the Promotion of Political Rights and Electoral Guarantees for All”. Are.

Last Monday, the Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office reported the arrest of 32 people, including civilians and military personnel, and the issuance of 11 arrest warrants against people allegedly involved in five conspiracy schemes.

(with information from EFE)

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