Jenna Ortega had to make a big sacrifice to continue filming the series

To be able to shoot season 2 of Wednesday, After the hit Netflix series, Jenna Ortega had to make a choice. That’s why the actress has refused to take part in the next film of a very famous horror franchise.

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There will be a lot of casting changes for the sequel to Scream, as fans learned in November 2023. First of all, Jenna will not participate in the next part of the Ortega saga the Scream, According to several American media, His participation in season 2 of Wednesdayrelay on Netflix, This would be the reason why the actress will not return in the seventh installment of the horror franchise, a departure which, according to the media DiversityThis may have already been discussed before the actors’ strike in Hollywood last July. saga the Scream So it lost another key personality with the firing of Sam Carpenter’s interpreter Melissa Barrera.

Wednesday : Big changes for Season 2 on Netflix

After a two-month strike, the shooting of the Netflix series can finally resume. And this is soon the case Wednesday, which should begin shooting in spring 2024. If the filming of the first season took place in Romania, the production team has opted to set up their cameras in another European country: Ireland. In addition to Jenna Ortega, the actors are Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair’s interpreter who you can find in the Netflix comedy, in which she also plays a big role for the series), Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin) and Joey Sunday (Bianca Barclay). should also return to the cast of this season 2 Wednesday, Whose release date has not been revealed yet. Netflix has made these new episodes one of its priorities for 2024 and the platform is also working on a surprise spin-off project.

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the Scream : One star of the franchise excluded from the next opus

Jenna Ortega won’t be the only star the Scream To not star in the next film of the franchise. Melissa Barrera, who played heroine Sam Carpenter, was fired. scream 7 His comments were considered “anti-Semitic”. ,Our policy towards anti-Semitism is zero tolerance. We do not tolerate incitement to hatred in any form, including lies about genocide, ethnic cleansing or genocide, anything that resembles hate speech.“, production company Spyglass Media indicated in a press release. For their part, the director of the seventh opus the ScreamChristopher Landon reacted to the news. ,Here’s my statement: Everything sucks. Stop yelling. it wasn’t my decision“, he wrote on his X account (formerly Twitter).

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