There is a shortage of salt on Cuba’s tables and the black market takes advantage of it

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Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

That any basic products are missing in Cuba is nothing new, but the Ministry of Domestic Trade (MINUSIN) says that “delivery to industry is complete and in many provinces the December arrears are complete and in line with January. has been distributed”, the complaints of many Cubans about the lack of salt are very suspicious.

The reality is that according to the managers of the country’s major salt mines, the problem is not in production but in distribution. Perhaps for this reason, many Cuban wineries continue to have delays in the delivery of the product, which is why many people have to resort to the black market to buy it at unattainable prices.

The ministry itself has said that the situation of salt shortage in Cuba will improve by the end of this month. Meanwhile, the price of salt in Cuba on sales platforms ranges from 150 cup and 500 depending on the gram.

Last year, a report by Cubedbet portal addressed the instability in the commercialization of salt in the country, stating that there were tons of product in salt mine warehouses, however, transportation problems have affected delivery losses to customers.

This text from April 2023 states that the demand for salt in the family basket is normally 7,300 tonnes per quarter, but the distribution is not uniform in all months or for all family units.

Several media outlets highlight that difficulties in the production and supply of salt are not new. “Although the last decade began with promising results for Cuba, this trend was interrupted five years ago, leading to a period of recurring deficits that have reached their maximum in recent times,” OnCuba said. level has been reached.”

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