These are the 10 most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain

A podcast there is a broadcast Audio and in some cases with Video available to download Internet and listen to it anywhere equipment as well as in any leisure.

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There are many different types of podcasts these days Contents, However, the strongest, most talked about and heard topic is health and wellness Since it provides Reliable information and tools necessary to achieve better Quality of life,

Other than this, People found in these places Interviews, opinions and advice with experts This will help you understand each episode better.

In fact, the category “Health and Wellness” increased a 17.7% compared to 2022, as he said Spotify. And, in this sense, the service where podcasts are uploaded highlights that audio has made it possible to reach people who do not read news.

If you want to incorporate this habit into your daily routine and learn about health, then you have come to the right article because we will tell you here What are the 10 most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain?

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What are the 10 most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain?

The 10 most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain, and we’ll tell you below What are they called and why they became a favorite.

1. We are great: A space Dedicated to women With the aim of helping you improve Quality of life and discuss topics such as anxiety, pain and fear, Furthermore, it wants to cultivate Selfishness In people who cannot value and accept themselves.

2. Marian Rojas Estape Podcast: This is what doctors and psychiatrists talk about aspect which affects Physical and mental health. From his knowledge as an expert, he will provide suggestions About how to live in harmony with us Mind, body and behavior.

3. Psychology and Well-being Podcast: less than 30 minute you’ll hear from experts mental health to deal with emotional balanceAddress frequently asked questions from the community and provide necessary tools to face related problems Disorders, addictions, etc.

4. In case of return of voices: comedian and screenwriter angel martin Talk to people who talk about their problems mental health And they tell how they faced them.

What are the 10 most listened to health and wellness podcasts in Spain?

5. Revolutionary Radio Fitness: Marcos VazquezOne of Spain’s most distinguished communicators, let’s talk about Health and fitness life. approximately in this location 40 minutes, and together expert, Solves doubts and imparts knowledge Functional training, intermittent fasting and diet.

6. Understand Your Mind: Luis Muino, Molo Cebrian and Monica Gonzalez discuss topics deep Such as “I’m not sure what I should do with my life” and “I feel different from the rest.” a place of 20 minutes Which you probably connect with and helps you face similar doubts.

7. Doubts are given: This podcast was born as a project of two friends, Ashley Frangi and Letty Sahagunwhich became a place questions Everything that is around us. Similarly, it provides tool to drink right decision and cultivateSelfishness

8. Christina Mater’s Podcast: Journalists and writers conduct interviews with experts from around the world Health, Nutrition, Beauty and Wellbeing With the aim of providing information and living a better life.

9. As if no one is listening: chris blanco, Communicators and content creators on social networks, let’s talk about Mental health, experiences, emotions and reflections from myself Experience, The purpose of this place is to spend a pleasant moment as if it were a conversation between Friend.

10. Naked Psychology: clinical psychologist Marina Mammoliti Talk to your audience about it how to manage emotions and its importance in finding meaning life.

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