The situation of the Spanish league after the draw of Verona was as follows


girona Couldn’t take advantage of the fact that they were facing last place post table of spanish league, AlmeriaTo go on to full leadership of the assortment.

He refused to play with Messi: “I love Leo, but I prefer to face him; “I feel more Mexican than Argentinian.”

Almeria Behaved well and got the equalizer at the climax of a very difficult match, and even in the last minutes he managed to win it, playing with 10 players due to the expulsion of Verona. alex garcia At 80.

The score did not go beyond zero and Verona moved to first place in the table with points. 49 unitsmore than one Real Madrid (48) Since they are playing in the Super Cup, they will have 20 games pending on the match day.

Similarly, barcelona can reduce the distance, because if he wins the pending date will be reached 44 points And remain five behind Verona.

Another Benzema controversy: the unexpected woman he went on vacation with after Jordan Ozuna became a father

Of course, but barcelona They made it down the classification, now in fourth place, because Athletic beat real society 2-1 in the Basque derby. Their points are the same (41), but the Lions have a better goal difference.

-Table of positions in Spain-

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