Rihanna: “I’ve never been interested in having a big butt because…”

American star Rihanna has recently shocked many people by making a shocking revelation.

Many artists, whether associated with music or other fields, resort to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. Beauty remains a privileged criterion in the world of showbiz.

However, artist Rihanna, for her part, expressed a different viewpoint, saying that she does not consider it necessary to have an impressive posterior.

Throughout her career, the singer has maintained a slim figure, saying that her talent is first and foremost on her mind.

“I have never been interested in having a big butt, my forehead is already a better asset to me in terms of physical beauty.

Plus, despite being skinny, I’m already in good shape and I’ll even admit that this is one of the things why some people can’t get me out of their minds to the extent that even He even clashes with me in his songs.

While leaving, I did not tell anyone’s name.He said.

Although the star doesn’t invest in having a generous shape, she never fails to provoke with daring outfits. Before she became pregnant, she was photographed wearing a transparent dress, which became the talk of the internet.

It is noteworthy that in 2023, Rihanna recorded the second biggest year in the history of streaming for a woman with 10 billion streams.

She has not released an album in eight years. His wealth is estimated at $1.7 billion (or approximately 1,014 billion FCFA).

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