These are the 3 best-selling pickups in the United States

The North American market is number one when it comes to large pickup registrations. Three brands, three models and one thing is missing.

Best-Selling Pickup-United States

picks up They became part of American culture regardless of brand, model, or segment. Over the years, music, Hollywood films, and literature have depicted trucks as symbols of rural life, rebellious spirit, and connection with nature.

That’s why pickups were declared as an indispensable tool in many industries, from construction workers to farmers and even local businessmen. its reliability, resistance And they provide good results every day.

These features fascinated not only the contractors and agricultural people but even the Every American feels a deep attraction to pickup trucks. Embracing them as part of your identity. Moreover, this is a country where the final price of a unit is affordable and they can be used on various highways and urban roads without any problem.

Ford F-150, No. 1 among pickups in the United States

The best-selling model among pickups available for sale in the US market during 2023 was Ford F-150which registered 496,526 units Patented, which represents an increase of 18% compared to the previous year.

Best-Selling Pickup-United StatesBest-Selling Pickup-United States

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The best-selling version of the F-150 is presented with the famous Ford engine 5.0L V8 with 395 HP and 542 Nm With auto start/stop and 10-speed automatic transmission. The transmission has intelligent shifting capability specifically designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

Whereas, this pickup of Oval brand offers 8 driving modes Different ones that adapt to different conditions: normal, tow, sport, slippery, ecoselect, snow/sand, mud and rock/climbing.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the second best-selling and most powerful pickup

One of the most patented pickups in the United States last year chevrolet silverado 1500 reached second place 341,470 units, this is a 6.2-liter gasoline V8 that develops 426 hp and over 630 Nm of torque, while transmission is provided by a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Best-Selling Pickup-United StatesBest-Selling Pickup-United States

Although it is the only mechanical configuration, the truth is that it becomes the most powerful pickup in said market. Specifically, it outguns models from Toyota, Ram, Nissan, and the Ford F-150 with the Coyote V8. Without a doubt, a real distinguishing feature.

RAM 1500, the classic truck that climbs the podium

Third and last place is closed ram 1500which was recorded 275,883 units Patented. It is the only one of the three best-selling full sizes to see a slight decline in sales over the past year.

With a public loyal to its mark, its comfort level and above all its iconic engine. Hemi V8Launched in 2009, this pickup is present with the latest generation which received an update late last year. The highlight is the new Hurricane 3.0 6-cylinder in-line, biturbo engine, with two power levels (from 420 to 540 horsepower).

Best-Selling Pickup-United StatesBest-Selling Pickup-United States

Apart from being in third place, any brand whose model makes the monthly, semi-annual or annual top 5 feels like a great accomplishment. In fact, these three pickups are more than well known in the United States and around the world.

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