These are the 7 health and wellness trends in the food industry

Products that provide health and wellness Their popularity is increasing with interesting and attractive offers, but it can be complicated to get lost on this path to find out what the consumer really wants.

That’s why Mary Molde, registered nutritionist at Datassential, spoke at The Food Institute To present seven health and wellness trends within the food sector that will be most watched in 2024.

1.- Holistic view of food

The overall concept has also been adapted into food and combined with sPlanetary Avalanche, Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being, They may seem like three different concepts but they complement each other.

In this regard, Molde noted that consumers think about their diets, exercise, health of the planet and ecological awareness with the same goal, that everything is in harmony and well-being.

2.-Healthy breakfast

With the accelerated pace of life, more and more consumers are increasingly Fast food, snacks or refreshments Has gained popularity, but this time with healthy options, not as a fast food option.

A report by a nutritionist indicates that 75% of consumers have had breakfast Changing the traditional diet at least once a week.

3.- Objectives and priorities in diet

Consumers’ diets are governed by specific dietary goals and preferences, such as consuming more Foods that strengthen the immune systemReduce fat and increase protein.

This matches the trend of conscious choices, including whole food choices. Plant-Based and Functional FoodsWhich also motivates you to focus on more personalized options.

Low-fat and high-protein foods that provide health benefits are becoming popular. Photo: Freepik.

4.- Pop-up Restaurant

Molde highlights that popularity Mediterranean diet, Those that have opened restaurants around the world or that already exist include this type of food.

This type of restaurant emphasizes the consumption of VVegetables, healthy fats and conscious proteinHarmful ingredients and common allergens should be avoided, he said.

5.- Foods to lose weight

GLP-1 drugs with ingredients similar to Ozempic have been of interest Such measures which are considered magical for losing weight, Along with this, a healthy lifestyle will also have to be adopted.

However, this point should be noted do not be deceived Which can affect the health of consumers, although people are more aware and analyze all the products they consume.

At this point it is also important that access Nutritious foods are more affordable So that they are available to everyone.

Mediterranean diets are active proposals as they provide a variety of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins of animal origin. Photo: Freepik.

6.- Plant-Based Trends

Plant-based and plant-based trends are undoubtedly one of the most persistent, which is why they innovate with products Dishes rich in vegetables or analogs Which replaces animal fodder.

The expert emphasized that consumers are more interested in whole food, plant-based options, and this trend extends beyond traditional options.

7.-Products that enhance the quality of life

Finally, nutritionists predict future trends Organic Food, Longevity and Monitoring Solutions For instant nutrition information at home.

They concluded that although life expectancy in the population has increased, it is also important that its quality remains the same.

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