These are the benefits and amounts that the program offers you to start your business

In 2021, 327,000 such supports were provided to entrepreneurs across the country.

If you want to start a business or improve the situation of the one you already have, You can access a government program Which provides interest-free micro loans to entrepreneurs, which helps in improving their conditions and economic status by enabling them to start a new business or expand their enterprise.

Wellbeing Break, also known as Wellbeing MicrocreditA program of the Mexican government that seeks to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in medium, high and very high marginal situations.

Through its two modalities, this program seeks To improve the living conditions of people from the perspective of gender and social inclusion.Giving priority to people who are members of indigenous or African-Mexican populations and/or who live in places with high rates of violence.

The consolidation methodology is a call open to the public where people who are at least 30 years of age can access the program. On the other hand, the JCF Month 13 methodology focuses on graduates of the Youth Building the Future program who have completed the training course. and expressed their interest in starting micro businesses,

Features of ‘Tandas para el Bienstar’ microcredit

  • No proof of income is required, nor are guarantees, endorsements or credit history required.
  • Microcredit does not charge interest, is disbursed over the short term and is repaid from beneficiaries’ income.
  • Provides a grace period of one month before initiating full refund in 10 monthly installments.
  • You can access up to four microcredits in a row, as long as they are paid off.

Registration Requirements for ‘Tanda for Wellness’

Within the consolidation method, the main requirement is that the person interested in becoming a beneficiary is at least 30 years old and has his own business operating for more than six months, in addition to not carrying out any agricultural activity. For the rest, only a valid official identification and CURP will be required.

for manners Month 13 Youth are building the future Must be a graduate of the Youth Building the Future program, have an interest in building your own non-farm business, and take and complete training courses for your micro business.

What is the subsidy amount for ‘Tandas para el Bienstar’?

The amount of different batches varies according to the performance of the interested party in covering the payment, and i.e., while settling the batch of which you are a part. And by making timely payment through telecomYou will be able to access the following, which means a huge amount of money that helps your business grow:

  • First batch: 6,000 (six thousand pesos)
  • Second batch: 10,000 (ten thousand pesos)
  • Third round: 15,000 (fifteen thousand pesos)
  • Fourth batch: 20,000 (twenty thousand pesos)

How to register for the ‘Tandas para el Bienstar’ program?

So far, and due to electoral restrictions, Program is not open for new registrationsSo you should keep an eye on the official Tandas para el Bienstar website starting the day after the elections in Mexico, i.e. July 3, to see if the platform will receive new registrations.

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