These are the current Etecsa offers: should you take advantage of them?

The Cuban Telecommunications Company recalls that its international promotions are valid until March 31.

“So you can choose your favorite! 2 International promo valid till March 31st,” they wrote from their official channels on the social network.

The latest of his proposals is “Quintuple your recharge, What does it consist of?

For each recharge of 500 Cuban pesos, the customer receives five times the main balance. Similarly, if you already have a current balance/plan/bonus purchased through official international websites, you will also get 25GB for all networks.

The prices of this promotion for the two international distributors are as follows:

another proposal It is so that in Cuba customers who receive a recharge between 500 CUP and 1250 CUP will receive, within 30 days, 14 GB (for all networks) and unlimited internet (from 12:00 pm to 7:00 am). Bonus will be given.

As in the previous case, to benefit from the bonus of this recharge, customers must receive from 500 CUP to 1250 CUP (approximately US$22).

Cubans give their opinion on Atexa recharge and service

However, as thousands of Cubans wait for international recharge from Atexa, complaints continue to flow on the website of the only telecommunications company in Cuba.

“This is a steal. The price of Americano on the street is so high it would be double what they advertise. I prefer to send money,” wrote user Armando Aguilera.

This March 25, 2024 the dollar in Cuba rose with a very high exchange rate: 1 USD = 330 Cuban Pesos. But, Etecsa emphasizes that the official exchange market “does not change the price of its products and services.”

“The implementation of the new measures concerns the purchase operations of foreign currencies currently accepted in the country in the network of BANK and CADECA offices with the new exchange rate,” they add from their website.

Other complaints revolve around connection speeds on the island. “Why don’t they tell people why they limited the internet to 1 Mbps? Now “unlimited internet” is limited,” said another customer.

With this thunder, it is not surprising that Atexa officials claim that lost income, Cubans have done their homework and like to get remittance for recharge,

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