Manuel Rosales, opponent who managed to register for the presidential elections in Venezuela

At midnight, when the period for receiving nominations for presidential candidates in Venezuela was ending, it was unofficially revealed that the party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) managed to register Zulia Governor Manuel Rosales as candidate.

In theory, this party, together with the Unity Roundtable (MUD), would nominate María Corina Machado, but due to her disqualification, it will be the standard bearer, Corina Yoris, who was denied registration.

However, this inscription leaves more questions than answers.

He wrote, “A few minutes ago (as of 11:59 pm) the dictatorship blocked access to register a unitary candidate for both the MUD and the UNT. If either party had access to the system, it would have registered the unitary candidate. Had it been registered, there is no hindrance.” Exile, Juan Guaidó.

Rosales, 71, was a staunch opponent of Hugo Chávez, leading him to exile, but after years of negotiations, he returned to the country and re-conquered the post of governor of Zulia state, one of the country’s most important states. .

Although the panorama is not very clear, it seems that his registration (although it is not the first time that he has run for the presidency) would have been a negotiation with the government, which has always rejected the nomination of Machado or any standard bearer. Had given.

Now we have to wait to see if Machado will support Rosales. He had held a meeting a week earlier, details of which are not known. The opponent had questioned the validity of the election for failing to register his replacement, Corinna Yoris, an 80-year-old teacher.

On the other hand, the factors of the unitary platform decried that they were trying to register the candidate and it was not possible.


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