These are the main challenges in aesthetic medicine…

Aesthetic medicine is one of the fields that is growing the most in terms of innovation. So much so that many professionals are considering the challenges that the sector will face in the coming years.

In such a situation, many companies like IBSA Derma They are encouraged to invest in research and find less invasive procedures that maintain or increase their accuracy.

Main challenges of aesthetic medicine for 2024

Aesthetic medicine has achieved a lot Challenges In recent years, however, there is still much to be achieved by 2024. Among some of the most notable challenges, IBSA Derman experts highlight the following:

moral regulation

Guarantee safe and ethical practice remains one of the main challenges for the industry. Experts point out the need for this Clear standards and other updated rules Which guarantees security.

“Patient safety is one of the pillars of the future of aesthetic medicine”

Furthermore, with the advent of artificial intelligence, new aesthetic intervention protocols have emerged. And this trend is expected to continue upward automated decision making And this responsibility, And also the ethical implications associated with it.

pace of technological progress

In the age of immediacy, many challenges arise regarding updating to the latest technologies. We will also guarantee the safety of its use keep staff updated In technological trends.

cultural sensitivity

Aesthetic medicine faces another challenge for this new year cultural differences, as well as the diversity of patient preferences. What it means through various beauty standards Customize treatments.

patient safety

with the introduction of new Processes and Technologies, Patient safety will remain the priority. Some columns also include experts highlight adequate trainingMonitor the after and management of expectations,


One of the biggest concerns at the general level of the entire population is Environment, and the aesthetic medicine industry is not far behind. There are some major problems waste produced by certain processes, as well as Use of resources.

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