These are virtual twins that will be used in therapy

Science has had an ongoing interest in creating digital twins. The first case was NASA’s “living virtual model” to study what went wrong with the Apollo 13 spacecraft. The system is also a step forward in computer simulation of car or plane crashes.

Twin Health, a company founded by Jahangir Mohammed, has gone a step ahead and created a digital twin of the human body. The purpose is to design Personalized avatars with the help of which the effectiveness of certain treatments can be tested on patients, The tests have been conducted with a virtual model who is reportedly suffering from type 2 diabetes.

One in ten adults has diabetes, the majority having type 2, so the goal of science is to work hand in hand with technology to discover advancements that improve the quality of life for these people.

Virtual twins will transform the treatment of people with diabetes

Diabetes is easy to treat: Doctors perform regular blood tests and prescribe appropriate medication to control blood sugar. Patients should combine this with control over their diet, adequate levels of exercise and even good quality sleep. But each person’s metabolism is unique.

Some characteristics of the human body vary between people: reaction time to health changes, the effectiveness of certain medications or changes in behavior. Twin Health allows you to design a virtual patient using AI to create personalized treatments.

Jahangir Mohammed is inspired by the digital twin software that Tesla uses to predict failures in its cars, but applied to healthcare. Medical Director of Twin Health has told about this tool Allows unprecedented accuracy in monitoring, predicting and controlling diabetesas reported Think Big,


Digital twins collect data from a variety of sensors: a continuous glucose monitor, a smart scale that measures weight and fat percentage, and heart rate, activity, sleep, and breathing sensors. patients too They have to tell through the app what they have eaten and what are the latest blood test results,

Twin Health uses algorithms and machine learning to create a virtual model of each person’s metabolism. The model is a clone of the patient and Will show continuous real-time data to make predictions about blood sugar level,

The project has passed clinical trials

The company has tested its technology in clinical trials with 232 digital twins of people with diabetes. Patients’ blood sugar levels dropped from 9 to 6%. Other patients had only a 0.3% reduction, from 8.5 to 8.2%.

Sugar levels below 5.7% are normal for healthy people, between 5.7 and 6.4% indicate prediabetes and above 6.5% are a clear sign of diabetes.

The clinical trials lasted a year, so the long-term benefits of virtual twins have not been determined. Some embodiments may fail to correctly analyze the data they collect. for now, 73% of clinical trial patients using Twin Health are free from type 2 diabetes,

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