They announce the possible reopening of the legal medical headquarters in Caucasia

After several meetings between officials of the municipalities of Bajo Cauca with the directors of the Attorney General’s Office, a clerk of the investigative unit announced Caucasia Legal Medicine Headquarters will be reopened soon.

Additionally, it was also announced that the Taraza Municipality would also see the return of three prosecutors who had to leave the area. Following a kidnapping case in which he was the victim of the Gulf Clan.

Daniel Parada, sectional director of the Prosecutor’s Offices in Antioquia, explained to TeleAntioquia Noticias that this fact is of utmost importance not only for users, who will be able to carry out their procedures very close to Monterrey without having to travel to Monterrey. But also for the institution as it reaffirms its presence in the troubled subregion.

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The measure is also an incentive to reduce the unit’s response time and customer service, including transportation costs for bodies. Those who had to travel to other areas and then return to their families often did not have the means to pay for this and other procedures.

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