Trevor Bauer will take the field against the New York Yankees in Mexico

the set of new York YankeesIn support of their 2024 Spring Training, will travel Mexico Two matches are to be played this Sunday 24th and Monday 25th red Devils of Mexican Baseball League, This, as part of the calendar of mlb world tour Of major League Baseball In its desire to expand consumption of the product globally.

There was a big news related to this billboard. robinson canoe In the ranks of the Mexican team in recent times. red Devils The signing of the former Dominican major league player was made official for the upcoming campaign. However, he will not be the only ex-MLB player on the LLB team’s roster. Came to know on the afternoon of 18th March trevor bauerFormer Los Angeles Dodgers would also arrive at the said franchise.

Trevor Bauer against the New York Yankees in Mexico

Almost immediately the title became a trend on social networks. Let’s remember that extra-sports disciplines were successful trevor bauer Will walk away from the major leagues. However, the 2020 Cy Young Award-winning pitcher los angeles dodgerssuccessfully tried his luck in Japan.

new York Yankees will face red Devils Over two dates at the Alfredo Harp Helu Stadium in Mexico City on 24 and 25 March.

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