They condemn the privatization of the beaches east of La Guaira

They condemn the privatization of the beaches east of La Guaira

Civil society in the state of Vargas released a statement in which it condemned the dire situation in the land, coastal and marine areas of the region.

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According to what was said in the statement, to which our team had access, this is a flagrant violation of constitutional and legal provisions.

According to the report, with the support of the state government and the mayor’s office of Vargas Municipality, several kilometers of spaces reclaimed from the sea have been illegally fenced off in order to build structures for commercial purposes. This action involves the violation of several legal and environmental regulations, including territorial planning law, biological law of the environment, coastal zone law, planning scheme and regulations for the use of environmental protection and recovery zones. Vargas State, among others…

According to the statement, these violations, supported by state and municipal authorities, have led to a serious problem of pollution on the area’s beaches.

It highlights that this contamination is added to already existing sewage and the discharge of sewage without treatment, which has turned beaches into significant sources of contamination that represent a risk to the health of citizens.

They condemn the privatization of the beaches east of La Guaira

Furthermore, it has been reported that reclaimed spaces from the sea are being used illegally for commercial construction, outside national and local laws, which has led to the installation of kilometers-long fences and concrete walls that extend to beaches. Prevent access. and sea views, thus changing the natural landscape.

The letter also highlights the secrecy surrounding these constructions as well as the lack of transparency in granting permissions, origin of capital invested, discharge of untreated waste, alleged lack of studies on environmental impact, granting of conformance of use, ownership in land etc. Has been given. and use. According to the civil society of Vargas, all this generates an atmosphere of uncertainty that suggests the possibility of facing incidents that threaten public health, restrict the right to enjoy public and natural spaces, environmental crimes. Creates and causes damage to public heritage.

Our correspondent team spoke to Roger Cedeño, an activist for the defense of citizens and the right to coastal marine land space and beaches, who highlighted the violation of the rights of Guerreños to recreation and enjoyment of beach areas.

In this context, it calls on various organizations, including the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA), the Ministry of Popular Power of the Environment, the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry, the Directorate of Urban Control, the Environmental Protectorate, the National Assembly, the Attorney General. The Office of the Republic and the Comptroller General’s Office, to initiate investigations and take sanctioning measures to end this illegal situation. Furthermore, citizens are urged to exercise social control and organized civil society to pay attention to these incidents.

This complaint by Vargas civil society highlights the seriousness of the situation in the region, as well as increases the urgency to take measures to prevent further damage to the region’s environment, public health and natural and cultural heritage.

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