They destroyed a “Casa Servicentro” in Havana. Investigation into fuel hoarding begins in Cuba

At this time in Cuba it is reported that the Guanabacoa police have carried out an operation which has resulted in the destruction of a residence that was illegally serving as a fuel distribution point.

The events took place on San Francisco Street between Máximo Gómez and Coral Falso in this city of Havana.

Neighbors in the area report that local resident Angel was involved in clandestine fuel smuggling, taking advantage of Cuba’s shortage at this time. Angel had apparently converted his home into an “illegal servicecentro”, where he secretly stored and redistributed fuel.

The police intervened when Angel was carrying out a routine transaction. According to reports and photographs provided by local sources, authorities seized a large quantity of fuel and plastic containers used for its storage.

The incident comes just days before a controversial adjustment to fuel prices comes into force on the island.

According to official versions, this type of phenomenon is one of the phenomena contributing to the increase in private transportation prices, which has a direct impact on citizens. Authorities are expected to continue the investigation to identify and sanction any other individuals or businesses who may be facilitating these illegal operations.

For his part, journalist Lázaro Manuel Alonso has also highlighted this incident through his Facebook profile, urging a detailed investigation to identify any complicity within the fuel establishments that may have contributed to the criminal activities of this individual. Has been made convenient.


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