They found the body of a medical student who was the victim of a fatal accident in the Ayapel Swamp – Other city – Colombia

A family fun moment Ayapel Swamp, Córdoba, the outcome was tragic. A young medical student died while practicing water sports.

After many hours of searching, On January 15, Officer Maron managed to locate and rescue the body of José Amaya Martínez.24 year old, who was the victim of an accident.

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This was the fatal accident of a medical student in Ayapel Swamp

According to the Civil Defense, the university student had arrived at the municipality’s swamp on the afternoon of January 14 with his girlfriend and other family members to enjoy the water. Taking advantage of the space, decided to ride on jet ski,

They find the body of a medical student who had a fatal accident in a swamp.

Rescue mission for young Maron Amaya, medical student.


Facebook: Mayor’s Office of Ayapel

“Apparently, he lost control of the vehicle and went into the depths of the swamp,” the agency said.

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Since then, a rescue team from the Civil Defense, the Fire Department, the Mayor’s Office of Ayapel and the community were deployed to find his body.

“We had to get information from the fishermen, the natives, so they could clean up with their dredges,” said Hugo Pinedo, mayor of Ayapel.

They found him more than 20 hours later wearing the jeans, sweater and tennis shoes he was wearing at the time of the accident. ,He was not wearing a life jacket.“There was also a blow to the face, which suggests he could have been unconscious and drowned,” Civil Defense said in a statement.

They find the body of a medical student who had a fatal accident in a swamp.

Rescue of the dead body of a medical student.


Facebook: Civil Defense of Ayapel

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Following the discovery, municipal authorities sent a message of condolence from Sinu University to the student’s relatives.

Uncle Emiro Amaya said in a social media post, “The Amaya Martínez family is mourning the death of our nephew Maron. Laughing and making people laugh has been our specialty; today we have to cry and cry.”

On the death of the young man, The Mayor of Ayapel announces inspection of establishments offering aquatic activities in the swampsTo verify “whether they have the required security measures and policies in place.”

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