They found the body of a murdered woman in the middle of the street in Havana

The lifeless body of a woman who was allegedly murdered was found in the municipality this Friday morning. LisaIn Havana, according to reports on social networks from residents of the area.

woman’s body – which Her throat may have been slit – one was found next to a bus stop located around the farm market.

Facebook Capture/San Agustin Sin Tanta Muela

“We woke up to the news that today, January 19, in the early hours of the morning, a woman aged about 50 was murdered (her throat was slit). In the San Agustín neighborhood, La Lisa Municipality. It is located in the agricultural sector of 250 and 35B.“, an anonymous Internet user published in the Facebook group Cuban Mothers for a Better World.

Facebook/Cuban Mothers Occupy for a Better World

“I don’t know the details and I didn’t even have the courage to sign or take a photo. What is happening is very sad. Oh, and the police now arrive, as usual. Oh God! Internet users questioned, “How long will the killings continue?”

“They told me she was a woman between 40 and 50 years old who was apparently waiting for a ride at the stop when she was attacked and murdered in order to rob her.”For his part, an Internet user known as “Woody Alguacil Cubano” provided detailed information on Facebook.

Facebook/Woody Cuban Sheriff’s Capture

A shocking fact is this The killer may have left the woman sitting in such a position that people passing by the area would think she was alive.According to witness reports spread online.

Facebook/Woody Cuban Sheriff’s Capture

“The woman was between 40 and 50 years old. “He was from the province and had come to visit his daughter.”According to Ernesto Sanchez.

Facebook screenshot/Ernesto Sanchez

At the end of this note there are no other confirmed details about this new crime in Cuba, nor have official sources commented on this fact.

This discovery sparks an unstoppable and unprecedented wave of violence that keeps the island’s residents in suspense every day and wondering how much longer.

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