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A humble man from Denman Island, located between Vancouver and the Pacific coast of British Columbia, Canada, He became the lucky winner of a huge amount of money in the lottery.

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David Elliott, known for his simplicity and dedication to fishing, won a prize of over $370 thousand (a little over 1,449 million Colombian pesos) in the Daily Grand Draw drawing on December 7, 2023.

The news of his win surprised everyone, but what was even more surprising was his reaction when they asked him what he planned to do with the money he won. With humility and passion for his art, Eliot said: “Honestly, I just want to buy more bait and go fishing. it’s mine,

It was clear that this man has no intention of stopping working on something he loves.
To celebrate his win, Elliott shared details of his small feast, which included a delicious steak, a luxury he probably wasn’t allowed to have often in his everyday life.

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When lottery officials asked him how he felt after winning more than half a million Canadian dollars, His response was simple but full of emotion: “Fantastic!”


Over $370K in Daily Grand Draw.

He said he didn’t realize how much he had won until he called and thought the lady at the lottery kiosk had made a mistake. At that time, I was shopping at Walmart on Cliff AvenueWhich makes this story even more surprising.

Additionally, Elliot shared that his girlfriend was trembling with excitement when she told him the news of her lucrative award.

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With the money he earns, this passionate fisherman has the opportunity to expand his horizons in his beloved field. According to ‘CTV News’ calculations, it can be purchased About 39,000 containers of fake insects At Canadian Tire stores.

If you prefer live bait, you can purchase about 45,000 containers of minnows from a single store. His lucky ticket was purchased at the BCLC Lotto location located at Driftwood Mall in Courtenay.

The Daily Grand Draw is a popular draw in Canada known for its generous top prizes, offering lucky winners the opportunity to Receive the equivalent of US$740 per day During your entire life.

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This drawing takes place twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, and players can check if their tickets are winners through the BCLC Lotto app or purchase them at retail stores and online through PlayNow.com.


Lottery played in Canada.

This wasn’t the only lucky news this week, as someone else’s win was also announced in Florida. Barbara Arnesen, A 67-year-old woman from Lake Placid won one million dollars In a scratch-off called ‘$1,000,000 a Year for Life Spectacular’.

Arnesen chose to receive a single, global payment of US$640 thousand (over 2,507 million Colombian pesos). His lucky ticket was purchased at the Sunshine Food Mart location in his city, and his story has joined the list of lucky people who have had their lives changed thanks to the lottery.

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