They give 2 thousand dollars to the lucky owner of this 100 dollar bill

Collecting banknotes and coins is usually seen as a common and emotionless activity, but the reality is different. Well, most experts understand that each specimen they discover has the potential to expand a collection worth a lot of money, thus becoming a profitable business. is a perfect example of 100 dollar billthat stands out from other pieces 100 dollars For its special features.

The beginning of this practice under the name of Numismatics was limited only to the discovery and re-evaluation of numismatics. bills and coins, Through them it was possible to know a part of history from the first civilizations to the present day. However, with the advent of the Internet, more people joined the quest, as the $100 bill, which is sold for more than 2 thousand dollars, is a coveted item by fans of copies. 100 dollars,

Although it seems easy to dedicate yourself only to this, there are some requirements that must be taken into account to find out bills and coins What we keep could be a lot of money. It is important to pay close attention to the details present in these pieces, as it is very common to have typographic errors that take it away from the original design, such as on commemorative coins made for special reasons. However, in case of 100 dollar billMany experts assure that this specimen can be quoted at a higher price if it has special features that distinguish it from other pieces similar to it. 100 dollars,

To be more precise, the following 100 dollar bill The one we are referring to was released in 1969. This is a classic piece of American currency, bearing the image of former President Benjamin Franklin. Despite its similarity to other specimens of 100 dollars And still in circulation, it has many collectors bills and coins He believes that its price may become very high in the future and some copies may become difficult to find.

Source: eBay

Those who are interested in entering this market bills and coins, they have to show a lot of interest and curiosity about these pieces. However, if they are a creditor to someone 100 dollar bill, it is very likely that its selling price will increase in the future. But also, copy of 100 dollars It must be in good condition, otherwise its starting price will vary depending on the buyer’s interest.

Source: eBay

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