This way you can relax in a healthy way and have more energy

Everyday life is already reason enough to not get efficient sleep. Routine, work, stress, studies… there are many reasons and responsibilities due to which we do not get good sleep or we are not able to sleep properly, a situation which is harmful for our health and increases with age. And our lifestyle becomes more chaotic. However, the Japanese have a secret to getting the best rest, sleeping well, and waking up happy. Habits that improve mood and general well-being, so much so that they are recognized by the United Nations as one of the happiest countries in the world.

United Nations organization highlights Japanese country in its 2023 Happiness Report The harmony and pacifism that characterizes their culture. This recognition invites us to examine the aspects that contribute to this well-being, and realized that the way the Japanese sleep is very different from our habit, which has a favorable effect on their happiness.

Getting good sleep and rest: Japanese tricks for healthy rest

Japanese culture has a deep connection with itself physical, mental and spiritual well-being, because it offers a variety of practices and traditions, from food and meditation to contact with nature, that contribute to a balanced and satisfying life. In Japanese culture, influenced by Buddhism or Shintoism, harmony, peace, and inner peace are valued as essential elements for well-being.

For example, thanks to zazen, they emphasize the importance of Maintain balance between body and mind. Also influential is the concept of ikigai, also known as “reason for existence” or “reason for living”, in which they seek out activities and methods that will bring them happiness and satisfaction in life.

Thus, the key The pursuit of health also lies in your nighttime habits, which go beyond getting enough hours of rest. These are ways to achieve a state of peace and fullness before sleeping in order to wake up with maximum vitality and therefore be happy.

one of these habits is have soup for dinner, especially miso soup, a fundamental dish in Japanese cuisine. also of Take a warm bath before sleeping To relax muscles, activate circulation, fall asleep faster and achieve deep sleep. This gives them a chance to start the day with more energy.

and of course, Get the seven hours (or eight) of sleep you need for best rest., as the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended on several occasions. Generally, it is Go to bed between 10 and 11 pm and wake up the next day between 6 and 7 am.

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