Sammy Sosa believes reconciliation with Cubs will happen but “when the time comes”

Chicago legends return to ‘The Windy City’ for autograph signing event

sammy sosa Is back in Chicago, but maybe not in the way many Cubs fans expect yet. The former Dominican player will have a series of public appearances in ‘The Windy City’, although his relationship with the team with which he became one of the main figures in baseball has not yet recovered.

Sosa, who hit 609 home runs over his 18-season career in the Major Leagues, was in favor of a reconciliation with the Cubs, declaring that he had matured.

“Like I said, I’m a mature person and I think it’s possible that we do that. I am open and I have no problem with it,” he told local media. ,There have been many misunderstandings between us in the past but now I am a truthful person. I feel great and admit my mistake, so why not?one of two.”

The San Pedro de Macoris native did not specifically mention what mistakes he made while wearing the Chicago team’s uniform, but when he was questioned about steroid use, he did not answer directly and avoided the conversation. Gave.

Sosa responded to Fox reporter Lou Kennelly, “That’s not a question I expected from you.” “This wasn’t an interview I was going to sit down with you for a note to come out right now but like I said, I’m a mature man, I feel great and let’s see what happens.”

The mystery of the use of banned substances to enhance performance has always been linked to Sammy Sosa’s name, although the player has never admitted to said action and was not suspended for it during his career in the Major Leagues. . He was traded to the Orioles in February 2005 and did not return to Chicago, at least publicly, as he visited the city during the latter part of his career as a player for the Texas Rangers.

,I definitely miss coming back here. Seeing people and spending time here, I think it would be great to spend more time here“Sosa told the media that he left the door open to anyone who contacted him and referred to a reconciliation with the team.

The relationship to date between Cubs owner, Tom Ricketts, the entire organization and Sammy Sosa is zero, but ‘The Bambino of the Caribbean’ believes it can be resolved. In statements to ESPN Digital, former Cubs player Aramis Ramírez advocated for a rapprochement between the parties.

“I’m here. I’m present. Let’s see what happens. I think it will happen, but at the appropriate time,” Sosa concluded.

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