They hold Ortega responsible for withholding Nicaragua’s resources from the United Nations Green Fund.

Nicaraguan environmentalist Amaru Ruiz and dissident Sandinista Dora María Téllez this Sunday blamed Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega for canceling $64.1 million that would have been given to Boswas by the Green Climate Fund, which is dependent on the United Nations . And Indio Mize Stores.

Ruiz, a biologist by profession who directs the environmentalist Fundación del Rio, argued in an analysis sent to the media that the Green Fund has exhausted all avenues and that its mechanisms have failed the Ortega government with environmental and social safeguards. Non-compliance has been demonstrated by.

As for the environmentalist, who was denationalized and lives in exile, the Green Fund noted that Nicaragua’s “Ortega Murillo regime and its allies from the Caribbean” are the ones who have plundered and taken away most of the natural resources (timber) , mining concessions, livestock, African palms, others).

Also that he has not cared for the indigenous and African-descendant people living in Nicaragua’s autonomous regions of the Caribbean, but instead “invades, displaces, allows murder and persecutes community rangers. He rather seeks to exterminate them.” “

Exguerillerra: This is due to human rights violations

Meanwhile, Téllez, who was part of the first Sandinista government (1979–1990) and was released and nationalized 13 months ago, said in a statement that “The Green Fund verified that Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast But there is huge corruption”. He feared that the funds would not be used for established purposes, and determined that consultation with indigenous peoples and African-descendants was “false.”

“But the coup was graced by electoral fraud last Sunday in the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean,” in which the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) won with 89%, without the participation of the main indigenous party. , Yatama, which was outlawed by authorities before the process, said the historian and former health minister, who was expelled from the United States.

Therefore, for the former guerrilla, Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, are the only ones who are “to blame for Nicaragua not being able to access resources that could be used to care for the reserves and the ethnic communities. Is.”

Téllez charged, “Ortega Murillos is responsible for cutting international aid to Nicaragua, because he has constituted a dictatorship and because he has the people of Nicaragua without rights,” warning that this “will continue until Will remain” will continue. Support the people of Nicaragua in that situation.”

have demanded payment from the government

The Green Fund reported last Thursday that it had suspended the project ‘Bio-Climate: Integrated Climate Action to Reduce Deforestation and Strengthen Resilience in the Bosavas and Rio San Juan Biospheres’ due to non-compliance with policies and procedures. Funded Activity Agreement terminated. Environmental and social safeguards.

The decision was made by the Green Fund Secretariat, following a thorough investigation and assessment process, and addressed cases of non-compliance that were a legal breach of the legal agreements.

A day later, the Nicaraguan government rejected the Green Fund’s decision to cancel the millionaire disbursement for the BioClimate project, accusing it of making the decision “through non-transparent, unethical processes and procedures” and demanding the disbursement be halted. of. Committed resources.”

The Green Fund, established in 2010 by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as one of the main financial mechanisms to support developing countries in the implementation of their climate change policies, did not disburse funds for that project in Nicaragua.

This project will contribute to sustainable development with low CO2 emissions in Nicaragua, through extensive livestock farming, entry into forms of agriculture and production that avoid deforestation, and which integrate the conservation of ecosystem services with sustainable production. Does it. To increase flexibility. According to the initiative, indigenous peoples and local livelihoods in the Caribbean region of Nicaragua. efe

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